For this tournament, the system will be living under: This will change in the future.

For people that already have some version/connection up, make sure you at least update your Stepmania and Padmiss daemon to 12-07-2019, did a lot of work tonight haha.


If you experience any issues, please let us know!

Installation instructions:



~/ cd ~
~/ git clone
~/ cd padmiss-daemon
~/padmiss-daemon sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
~/padmiss-daemon python3
  • It should open the config panel (If not delete ~/.padmiss)

Both systems:

  • Go to and register/login with your existing padmiss account
  • Go to cabs, and create a new one
  • Copy the API Key to the config panel
  • (For both scanners)
    • Click Add new scanner
    • Click pick a device, and follow the steps
  • Make sure you run the game at least once, otherwise there will be no Preferences.ini
  • Click FixSM5Config and select your Preferences.ini (
  • Click Save and close
  • Start Stepmania 5.1
  • Donnnnnnnnnnn


  • Check in/out during eventmode
  • What scanner should i use?
    • We used the cheapest solution we could find. Search on eBay or AliExpress for: 125khz rfid reader / cards. Should be less then 20 euro’s for a pair of readers and some cards
  • I don’t have / want readers / want to use local profiles
    • Local profiles and Usb profiles are supported. Run the same installation procedure, except don’t add scanners.
    • Register and login on, then in the profile tab copy the value after, Your padmiss GUID:
    • Open your Stats.xml (For usb profiles this should be in a StepMania 5 subfoler, for LocalProfiles this should be in the same directory as your Preferences.ini)
    • Find the current <Guid></Guid> value, then find & replace that with your padmiss GUID
    • (Make sure stepmania is closed) Save, start stepmania, and thats it 🙂