Current registered locations:

Harrow Dedi — London, UK

We are a cozy garage in North London and we’re excited to welcome you for EC UK heat!

Some things to keep in mind:
– The location is mostly outdoors. We will set up a space outside the garage for people to hang out and spectate.
– If you are coming to spectate, please contact the hosts in advance! We may need to limit the number of people as we are constrained on space. Preference will be given to players competing on the day.
– Our location is residential, please be mindful of neighbors.
– There is a small grocery shop and a pub with hot food and restrooms 5 minutes away (open from 11:30 am). More shops and cafes are a 15 minute walk from the garage.
– Our machine is a dedicab running SM5.

DDR-EXP — Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands

Slowly we started gathering cabs, and we we have a filled arcade that is always open for people to come and play! As for itg, we have a dedi and an upgrade.I’ts easily reachable via public transport. Take the train to our town, then its a 5 minute walk.

Please do note that polish/powder can’t always be used, if this is a problem for you please contact us before you come to play 🙂


ITG Normandy — Normandy, France


A nice basement dedicated to dance games. That’s what we provide in Normandy since 2013. The location can support 10 to 20 players that can spend the night at home during tournaments.

We have a dedicab with large screen, fresh PC running SM5 and dedicated live streaming machine. We are equipped with a PIU prime since 2017 that could be transformed into a second ITG cab if needed.
The location is one hour away from Paris by train and the station is one mile away from home.

As we live in a small town, it’s better to plan your meals because firsts shops are 20 min away (5 min by car).

See you soon in Normandy !

ГЦМ (GTsM) — Moscow, Russia

Our setup is 2 cabs: upgrade and dedi (can’t be played simultaneously, so we’ll host the amount of people for 1 cab)

You’ll need your password to get inside the building, if you don’t know it please contact us.

We have water cooler, microwave and small fridge. The location itself is an office in a factory building

FB: anastasiya.peskova 
Telegram: Pluto_chan

PisaFlecha S.L. — Madrid, Spain

GameCave — Borås, Hungary


McKylä — Espoo, Finland

Laserdome — Borås, Sweden


Bobble Café — Lile, France


Each location should have two representatives, who’ll maintain the tournament on the local level.

They are allowed to compete as well.

We accept European locations only!

Rep duties

  • Score submission
  • Song picking handling
  • Pad maintemance
  • Judging
  • Solve ambiguous situations (in case of any) and
    keeping it up with the schedule

Before applying

  • Check what your community thinks
  • Check if other location nearby already applied

The score submission

This will happen via the Padmiss system, either manual entry on the site or it running on the cab itself. (Information will be posted on

Apply for location: