The categories overview!

⭐️ tldr 3 Categories are to be held: Precision Lower, Precision Upper and Endurance. Precision Lower is an online event, the others feature both online and real-time parts.

⭐️ For both Precision events percentage calculated with the following weights will be used:
2 for Fantastic
1 for Excellent
-1 for Mine, Dropped hold/roll, Miss

💛 Precision Lower 💛

📆 End of May — End of June
30 songs
A purely online event with straightforward and nice charts. The idea is similar to ECFA: submit scores on fb/discord and get points depending on your standings for each song. We’ll try to make this event as friendly as possible, so even if you aren’t familiar with the modern tech meta or just starting getting into FA, that’s a good opportunity to compete against the players all over Europe!

💙 Precision Upper 💙

Half-online event featuring tricky technical charts. Precision Upper Event can be divided into 2 major parts: qualifiers and a real-time event.

⭐️ Qualifiers

📆 Mid June — Mid July
3-4 song course
For the Upper event qualifiers will be held in order to reduce the number of players in case locations can’t fit all participants. The qualifiers are online as well: you just need to post your score on fb/discord to submit it. Scores can be updated during the qualifying period! The number of players proceeding to the main event is TBA, however it’ll be top X players across Europe regardless of the country.

⭐️ Real-time Event

📆 July 27
Each round — 3 songs: 10, 11, 12
Number of rounds depending on number of participants
3 song choices per difficulty
KOTH tournament system will be used for the main event. 3 songs will be played for each round. Players get points depending on their position and the sum of these points will determine if the player proceeds to the next round. For each difficulty there’re 3 song options to pick from. The number of rounds is TBA and could possibly be changed during the event in case of schedule issues.

⭐️ Finals

Top-4 Round Robin
Best of 3
Veto songpick system (EC2018)
Top-4 players proceed to the Finals where they play against each other. The number of wins and losses will determine the final standings. In case any players get the same win-loss rate, the winner will be determined with the result of their match. Veto system (the same as last year’s EC) will be used for song picking. In case of a tie a tiebreaker song is played.

❤️ Endurance ❤️

⭐️ Qualifiers

📆 20 May — Mid July
For the Endurance event qualifiers SRPG3 standings will be used, the number of players is still TBA.

⭐️ Real-time event

📆 July 28
13-20 (starting difficulty can be changed depending on the participants’ level)
3 songs per difficulty
The main event system will be similar to last year’s EC Endurance: for each round there’re 3 songs of the same difficulty available for players to pick from. If player fails the song, they drop out immediately, otherwise they proceed to the next round. Difficulty will go up every round.

⭐️ Finals

Players who manage to pass the last song in the main event proceed to the finals. A marathon will be played using the following weights:
3 for Fantastic
2 for Excellent
1 for Great
The percentages players get will define the final standings. In case players get the same percentage their qualifying position will define the winner.

Right now we’re figuring out the location list so we could open the registration and provide tournament and locations rules.


The precision upper beta links: