Welcome to the website for the In The Groove European championship 2019! Here you will able to find all the information about how to join or gen involved. We’re trying to keep you updated as best as possible.

This year will be different than all previous years, mostly in that is will be held online!

Online???? Yes, people will be able to compete from the country that they live in, so no expensive traveling will be needed. There are 2 main parts to EC2019, Online and Offline 



People play songs on from the packs that come with the category and submit them to the  padmiss system, this can be done by either manual entry or cab integration.


On a single weekend, all people that joined this category will compete at the same time. Diffrent locations will be available to play from. This weekend all locations will be connected via internet to keep the competition going smoothly.

Interested in hosting a location yourself? Check out the Locations tab